The apparatus is designed for the conduct of X-ray examination of patients’ chest organs in the upright and sitting position in the frontal and lateral view using digital X-ray image detector or image registration on the X-ray film in order to detect oncological diseases and tuberculosis at early stages.

The apparatus is cost effective medical equipment with low maintenance expenses. It possesses high diagnostic capabilities at the low radiation exposure and high space image resolution (4,0 lp/mm).


  • Ensures constant positional control of a patient by the medical staff during examination;
  • Comfortable for patients with irregular bodily constitution and physical handicaps.(Ensures imaging of a patient in wheel-chair);
  • Provides quality X-ray image due to absence of reflected radiation;
  • It is optimal for equipping of X-ray diagnostics departments of district out-patient and in-patient departments;
  • It is compact, as it does not require large areas for placement.

The apparatus is structurally designed with tube and X-ray image detector rigidly connected along the axis with the distance of X-ray tube – detector center 150 cm.
Vertical movement of tube and detector is from 400 to 1900 mm.

The apparatus is completed with X-ray tube “Toshiba” (Japan) or ІАЕ (Italy) with two focal spots (0,6 and 1,5) and high-frequency power supply.

High-frequency X-ray generator provides:

  • anode voltage range, kv    40 – 125;
  • anode current range, mА  10 – 400;
  • exposure time range, from  0,001 – 10;
  • overload protection of X-ray tube.

Digital X-ray image detector has operating field with dimensions 390х390mm and space resolution all over the operating field 4,0 lp/mm.
Low threshold contrast enables to distinguish low-contrast objects on the display screen.

The apparatus is supplied with automated workplace of laboratory assistant, ensuring quick filling of examination record, setting of exposure modes and processing, control of image quality, initial adjustment of brightness and contrast values, archiving of received images.

Automated workplace of radiologist.

Provides quick processing and analysis of X-ray image (enlargement or reduction of the image in general and its segments, positive-negative, calculation of chosen areas), record of X-ray images (archiving) on memory storage device, or optical recording medium, image or information transmission via Internet.

Delivery package includes:

  • Monitor for displaying of information about patient;
  • Monitor for displaying of received X-ray image;
  • Printer for printing of information about patient;
  • Printer for printing of X-ray image on photo paper;
  • Thermal printer (optional) Agfa DRYSTAR 5302;