Fluorograph with digital image processing (hereinafter Fluorograph) is designed for screening study of people in order to detect oncological diseases and tuberculosis at early stages.

The apparatus is used for X-ray fluorography of chest in the upright position in the frontal and lateral view with digital image display on monitor screen, output in the computer memory, paper output or X-ray film, as well as information transmission via Internet in the protocol DICOM – 3.

Fluorograph components:

  • X-ray protective cabin with the lift for patient and console control panel.
  • X-ray tubе “Toshiba” (Japan) or ІАЕ (Italy) with diaphragm and luminous marker;
  • High-quality power supply of the X-ray tube with overload protection;
  • Digital X-ray image detector;
  • X-ray protection devices for the thyroid gland and gonads defense;
  • Automated workplaces (AWP) of laboratory assistant and radiologist;
  • Software for the conduct of X-ray image processing, archiving and transmission of images according to the protocol DICOM – 3,  text documents maintenance and statistical processing;
  • Device for hard copies of fluorograms on a special x-ray film (optional).

Specifications of fluorograph:

X-ray protective cabin:

  • Plumbum protection equivalent, not less than – 2mm;
  • Vertical motion of lifting device, not less than – 400mm;
  • Maximum weight of patient, not less than – 150 kg;
  • Washable inside facing of the cabin;
  • X-ray protection devices for the thyroid gland and gonads defense;
  • Automatic closing of cabin door during exposure;
  • Auxilliary support on the lifting device for children examination.

High-frequency X-ray generator:

  • three-phase voltage,  380 V ± 10%
  • frequency – 50 Hz;
  • operating voltage range of X-ray tube – 40 – 125 kV;
  • anode current range of X-ray tube – 10 – 400 mA;
  • exposure time range – 0,01 – 0,5 sec.

Digital X-ray image detector:

  • input field dimensions– 390 х 390 mm;
  • space resolution all over the operating field – 4,0 lp/mm;
  • Exposure dose in input plane of the receiver at the threshold contrast 1,5%, not more than – 0,05 mR.

Automated workplace of laboratory assistant provides:

  • Quick filling of examination record using stock forms;
  • Control of image quality, initial adjustment of brightness and contrast values;
  • Archiving of received images.

Automated workplace of radiologist provides quick processing of positive-negative images, enlargement of segments, calculation of chosen areas, output and transmission of images in protocol DICOM – 3, record on optical medium, processing for storage in archive and withdrawal from the archive;

Delivery package includes:

  • Monitor for displaying of information about patient;
  • Monitor for displaying of received X-ray image;
  • Printer for printing of information about patient;
  • Printer for printing of X-ray image on photo paper;
  • printer (optional) Agfa DRYSTAR 5302;

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