The system provides:

  • Digital radiography on image stand using rotating digital detector in the upright position, in prone position or in lateroposition with the use of trolley with radiolucent board.
  • Radiography on table РИВ-01 or СТ-1(2) or on vertical column РГВ-2 or СС-1 with image registration on X-ray film using Bucky or on the second X-ray image detector.
  • Linear tomography at three angles with three rates of tube movement for each angle adjusting the cutting height from 0 to 250 mm with 1 mm space

The system includes:

  • The system includes:
  • Attachment for tomography.
  • Bucky stand РГВ-2 or СС-1 with digital X-ray image detector.
  • X-ray tube “Toshiba” (Japan) or ІАЕ (Italy) with diaphragm and luminous marker.
  • High-frequency X-ray generator.
  • Set of high-voltage cables.
  • Automated workplace of laboratory assistant that provides quick filling of examination records, setting of exposure modes and processing, control of image quality, initial adjustment of brightness and contrast values, archiving of received images.
  • Automated workstation of radiologist that provides quick processing and analysis of X-ray image (enlargement or reduction of the image in general and its segments, positive-negative, calculation of chosen areas), record of X-ray images (archiving) on memory storage device, magnetic or optical recording medium, image or information transmission via Internet.
  • Monitor for displaying of information about patient;
  • Monitor for displaying of received X-ray image;
  • Printer for printing of information about patient;
  • Printer for printing of X-ray image on photo paper;
  • Device for obtaining hard copies of fluorograms on a special x-ray film of 240х300mm size with separation ratio and images printing 2, 4, 6 (optional);
  • Thermal printer (optional) Sony up-990ad or Agfa DRYSTAR 5302;
  • Agfa CP1000 film processor (optional).
  • A set of X-ray protective clothing(optional).
  • Trolley with radiolucent board (optional).

Control of all movements and types of diagnostics is carried out using microprocessor control from one control panel.

Mathematical support enables to process and archive X-ray images, print digital image, transmit images according to the protocol DICOM – 3 etc.

The complex is provided with auxiliary X-ray protective clothing, additional accessories for special screenings by request of a customer.

Digital X-ray image receiver has spatial resolution 4,0 lp/mm.

Wide dynamic range and possibility of digital image processing ensures diagnostics both thick and soft tissues on one image.

Low threshold contrast of the system makes it possible to distinguish low-contrast objects on the screen.